Family and Couples Therapy

Helping Rebuild and Repair Relationships

Family Therapy

New Life Counselling offer their service to families who would benefit from getting support together rather than individually.  Through sharing experiences together, family members can express and explore difficult emotions safely and understand each other’s experiences and views.  Working and talking together helps the family become more confident about how to support one another and address some of the challenges they are facing, so they can identify strengths, build resilience and grow together.

Sometimes all family members attend or part of a family chooses to engage in family therapy. Parent(s) can attend with young children, teenagers and / or their children who are adults.

For more information on Family Therapy contact the Family Project Team Leader on (028) 9039 1630.

Couple Therapy

New Life Counselling offers support to couples who are facing challenges in their relationship and wish to do some work around this. We can support couples in addressing specific difficulties as well as improving communication and addressing issues in wider patterns of relating.

For more information on Couple Therapy contact the Family Project Team Leader on (028) 9039 1630.


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