Counselling for the Deaf

New Life Counselling offers a counselling service to Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients, and is committed to supporting individuals from all backgrounds.

Many adults and young people experience difficulties at some point in their lives, whether to do with things that happened in the past, current issues or a combination.  Through support in a safe and confidential space, individuals can gain a clearer understanding of themselves and make healthier, more positive choices in their lives in ways that are most suited to them.

Accessing counselling when you use sign language as your main means of communication can be difficult. Counsellors working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients have acquired Level 3 BSL.  If you are interested in accessing counselling or finding out more you can complete a referral online, email us on, or have someone contact the office on (028) 9039 1630.

After we have received your referral we will contact you through email or text and arrange an assessment to discuss if counselling might be helpful to you.  Please note we are not able to offer an immediate crisis response. If you need urgent support, please contact emergency services or Lifeline.