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Counselling and Creative Therapy for Children and Young People

New Life Counselling provides counselling services to children and young people in our premises in North and East Belfast, as well as in schools across Northern Ireland. We work in a child-centred way and different approaches are used depending on the age of the child or young person and the specific issues or difficulties they are experiencing.

Community Based Counselling & Creative Therapy for Children

We work with Primary School aged children (5-11 years) to help them express themselves through words, art, music, play and drama. Children use play and creativity to help understand their world. Our therapists and counsellors are trained to listen to what is being communicated using more than their ears.

Through developing trusting relationships we can begin the process of understanding together and so help the child to manage difficulties and change, find solutions that make sense in their world and to draw on the strengths and resources within and around them.

Community Based Counselling & Creative Therapy for Young People

We support young people (12-17 years) to express themselves and face a wide variety of issues. Sometimes talking is too much, or not enough and our team uses a range of creative approaches to support the individual young person.

We recognise that young people are faced with many pressures and demands and may need support to make sense of and manage challenges in their lives. Some of the issues they may be referred for include low self esteem confidence, bullying, depression, anxiety, stress, self harm, feeling suicidal, family problems, relationship breakdown. We work with the young person to face these problems and develop their resilience and capacity to cope with challenges; building self-esteem, instilling hope and supporting them in moving forward.

Counselling for Social Services Clients

New Life Counselling offers therapeutic support to children and young people involved with Social Services. Social Workers can access Creative Therapy, Play Therapy or Counselling for Looked After Children (LAC) or other children or young people they feel would benefit from our service.

If you are a Social Worker and interested in New Life Counselling providing support for a child or young person, please contact the OKAY Team Leader on (028) 9039 1630 to discuss costs associated with this service.

Counselling for Children in Schools
New Life Counselling provides counselling in primary and post primary schools to support the emotional health and wellbeing needs of pupils. We offer a variety of support within the schools such as 1-1 counselling sessions, group work and classroom based psycho-educational support. We work in conjunction with parents and teachers to provide a child centred approach to those referred into our service. Our services are also available to support in training for teachers and support for pastoral care staff.

These services are paid for by the school.

If you are interested in New Life Counselling providing counselling in your school, please contact the OKAY Team Leader on (028) 9039 1630.

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