Self-Harm Intervention Project

SHIP Counselling

SHIP provides people who self-harm with quick access to support and counselling to help deal with the issues that are causing distress. It teaches people new ways of coping with

SHIP is suitable for people who have self-harmed and have personal or social problems that are causing distress, but who do not need ongoing care by the mental health services in their local Health and Social Care Trust. Before you are referred to SHIP, your needs will be assessed to make sure this is the right service for you. SHIP also offers a short period of education and support to people who care for someone who self-harms (eg a parent, partner or friend).

SHIP is provided by a network of counselling organisations that work in partnership with your GP and local health services. New life Counselling is proud to be among the organizations offering this service. Our experienced counsellors work to professional standards and are highly skilled to help you with self-harm and related issues.

If you feel the need to harm yourself, you should contact your GP or the ‘out-of-hours’ GP immediately. If you have difficulty reaching a GP, you can attend a hospital Emergency Department, or ring 999 or 112 if you or someone else is at immediate risk.