Emerge Private Counselling

emergelogoAs a charity New Life Counselling receives only a limited amount of public funding to provide our services and we are oversubscribed. This unfortunately means many have been waiting for longer than is reasonable to access support. The waiting time is currently several months.

New Life Counselling seeks to provide counselling services as quickly as possible so we have developed a new service to make this possible. “Emerge” (Private Counselling Service) is a high quality, professional counselling service, provided to the same standards as all of our services. This, however, is a service paid for by the client. The benefit of this is that we can offer appointments within 4 weeks as it does not rely on public funding being available. The service costs £40 per session and is available in each of our offices in East Belfast (Skainos Centre) and North Belfast (Ardoyne Road and Duncairn Gardens). As the client pays for this service we also offer greater flexibility in the time of appointments to best suit your needs.

All of our services are provided by highly qualified and accredited counsellors.

If you would wish to be seen more quickly and to access services from “Emerge” (Private Counselling Service) you can do this by contacting us on 028 9039 1630 and advise that you are on the waiting list and wish to access “Emerge” (Private Counselling Service). Our staff will then be able to arrange a suitable appointment for you within 4 weeks.

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